Random Thoughts from Singapore

Here are a few key points

Topic #1  Everywhere we go here in Singapore we hear about research and development as an important step in the ICT process.

Our visits in Singapore include the following places  IDA– Infocomm Development Authority, MOE–Ministry of Education, NIE–National Institute of Education, teleconference with Hong Kong and an inspiring visit to the SAS–Singapore American School and public primary and secondary schools

Primary students working together.

Primary students working together.

….over and over we hear “take time to research what others are doing, develop what will work for your educational organization and then implement.” Many of those we talk to have done visits to schools and conferences in other countries and have an international perspective that is seldom seen in the US.

Topic #2  Infrastructure is a process—not a one time deal.

Singapore has a tremendous fiber infrastructure not only to the schools, but also to homes, to a point that when asked few people even think about the infrastructure–it is “just there.”  The wireless connectivity in the schools is in every classroom and available for all.  Yet, even in Singapore, we hear that Infrastructure is an on-going process and that it has to keep pace with needs of the schools and changes available in technology.  Maintaining the investment in infrastructure to deliver the access for students seems to be a key point in the master plan and is quietly done centrally allowing educators to focus on students and the educational process.

Topic #3 Items for my Christmas List–Adding a Drone Pen,

My daughter has asked for a USB rocket launcher for the past few years on her Christmas list, and we always have treated it as light humor.  Now I am rethinking the request.  As I have learned this week —Drone manipulation is not an easy task and requires some practice. Seems that setting up a Drone Pen with netting on all sides and top is a great way to contain the drone and gain the skill without terrorizing the office or neighborhood.  We saw a Drone Pen at IDA in Singapore that students can come to, learn about drones and hone their skills.  This is just one of the opportunities that students have –from Culinary Arts to 3-D design, the integration of technology is a part of the education process.